Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A prayer of thanks to the Living and Active God... at work in creation, history, in christ, by the spirit, within us today and through his people till Christ returns

This week I am preaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the first part of 1 corinthians 12 (v1-11) and the thing that really comes through to me from that passage i that God is at work, in and through his people. He gives us a diversity of gitty to used in a unified body to continue to achieve his purposes in the world by his Holy Spirit's presence. I'm not sure I was able to capture all that in this prayer of thanksgiving but i offer it if people find it helpful and useful.

Living and active God

We come to give you thanks for your work in our world and in our midst

We thank you for your work in creation

You spoke and it all came into being

We see your breath print etched in galaxy whirl and figure print swirl

Your creativity in the vast diversity of flora and fauna  

Your craftsmanship and care in our being fearfully and wonderfully made

Individual, unique and all loved by you

We thank you for your work in history

Calling a people for yourself

Calling them out of Egypt and through the wilderness

Inviting them to be your people, giving them your law

Establishing them in the land you promised

Speaking by your prophets to keep them on the right track

Your Covenant promise and faithfulness

We thank you for your saving work in Jesus Christ

The creating word became flesh and dwelt amongst us

Proclaimed Good new, recovery of sight, release and freedom

Bring healing and wholeness, forgiveness of sin

Dying so we may be reconciled to you

Rising again that we may have new, eternal and abundant life

Thank you for your continued work in us by the Holy Spirit

Empowering your people to witness to Jesus Christ   

Leading us into truth, by giving us your word

Comforting us by your abiding presence

Gifting us to be built up into unity and the fullness of Christ

Nurturing Christ like love within us, the fruit of your Spirit

We thank you that you are at work in us today

Convict us of our sin and our need for forgiveness

Affirm within us that we are forgiven and made  new

Meet us in our need and breathe your peace

Disturb us when we are too settled and forget to serve

Remind us of your commission and compassion and send us out

We thank you that you are at work in and through us

May we be filled afresh this morning by your Holy Spirit,

Spurs us on to use the gifts you have given to be your body,

Each taking the place doing the part you have called us to

In life, word and deed bringing glory to you till Christ comes again  

Living and active God

We come to give thanks for your work in our world and in our midst

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