Sunday, September 6, 2009

How In The World a cautious start

Hi welcome to my blog, welcome to my world, welcome to my reflections

How in the world! seems to be something I say quite often these days. It sums up the suprise I have at where I have found myself, what I have found myself doing and what happens to me.

More so it sums up how in the midst of this being suprised by life that I am more suprised about how God seems to be so involved in things. In the midst of everydayness with its routines and repititions, binality and complexity, it's crises and relaxed off days, that the divine steps in: That in the midst of the everydayness we encounter the eternal.

I guess coming from a reformed background (hey I am a Presbyterian Minister) I shouldn't be suprised by the soverignty of God in this world. But the reality is that I am suprised when that Doctrine or theological concept steps out of the pages of academic tombes and abstract thought and into ones personal life. I guess wehn it mingles with the amazing mystery of a personal God.

This blog thing is new to me. I'm a bit anxious to step out into cyber space and share my reflections. I've had people I respect and enjoy who say 'hey Howard you've got stuff to say, we value your refelctions you should blog'. At the time I didn't know what a blog was. Now I wonder if what I've got to share is what people want to hear/read. I wonder what's a person who has always maintained that 'English (particularly in its written form) has been my second language and I don't seem to have a first' is doing writting stuff in a public forum? Particualrly without a full time editorial staff!

I wonder is it a valuable use of my time? I've journaled at different times in my life but this is very different. It's out there, its permanent. Gasp it's interactive! you can respond!

We'll this maynot be an auspicious start to my blog-life but the good thing is it can only get better from here. one hopes!


PS: If you hadn't guessed How in the world is also a pun/word play on my name.

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  1. Hey Howard. Welcome to blogdom mate. I look forward to reading your thoughts, even if penned in your second language. Cheers, Jason.