Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Prayer Of Thanks For God's Revelation and People's Faithful Witness

This prayer is based on the fact that God is a God who chooses to reveal himself to us. Through creation through history and the Scriptures ultimately through Jesus Christ and then in our lives continues to reveal himself through the witness of faithful men and women lead by the Holy Spirit.
Loving Father

Full of mercy and grace

We come together this morning to acknowledge your awesome power and the great things you have done for us.

You are eternal and almighty and you know everything

You were beyond our ability to comprehend

So we praise you that we can know you because you have revealed yourself to us

You have shown us something of your self through your creation

You have shown us who you are through the scriptures

Spirit breathed words through the hand of human beings

You became one of us in your son Jesus Christ

And we beheld you up close and personal

You shared the best and worst of our human condition

You cared for the poor healed the sick spoke of your just kingdom

In your death and resurrection you transformed our lives

You forgave our sin and broke down the barrier between us

You invited us to live in a relationship with you both here and with you in eternity

You send your spirit to dwell with in us and lead us into all truth

Loving and faithful God we are so thankful for how you have shown yourself to us called us to draw near and know your love

We want to thank you this morning for all the people down through the ages and in our own time and our own lives who have shared the good news of Jesus Christ with us.

We thank you for those who have died for their faith in Jesus Christ

Paying the ultimate sacrifice for their witness

Men and women who have lived out and told about your great love

Parents who have kept the faith and passed it on to us

Friends who have been willing to tell about the wellspring they have found in you

Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, even preachers

Ordinary people who have shown your love and inspired us

Thank you lord Jesus for these people that have introduced us to you and encouraged us to keep walking our pilgrim path

AS Hebrews says surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses we want to press on fixing our eyes on you and run the race set before us throw off everything that would hinder us.

WE pray that you would forgive us for the things we have done wrong

For seeking our own good and our own comfort more than your ways and your kingdom

We do not love others, as you love us

We have been silent and inactive in the face of injustice and poverty

We keep the good news to ourselves

We have done what we should not have done and left undone much of the good you call us to do.

Thank you for the truth O Lord that if we confess our sin then God is faith and just and will forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”

Lord God thank you for your mercy and grace for your forgiveness

That as we have confessed our sin you have been faithful and just and forgiven us

That we have been reconciled with you

Lord God fill us afresh with your spirit that we may know you more

That we maybe empowered to witness to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

To the glory of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit


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