Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An archeological discovery at Uni Chapel... OHP Transperancies and techno acid-like flashbacks

We are clearing out a lot of the junk at the chapel at the moment and came across two boxes that had been stored at the chapel by a student group. They were dusty and old and stored away under a brochure rack. In these boxes or more correctly file boxes were Overhead Projector Transparencies for songs and notes from talks given in the past. It was odd seeing these things and it bought back memories of involvement last century and last millennium (it feels weird using those terms) in church, youth ministry and worship teams where we would invest time in making, storing, pulling out and packing away what we called OHP's so we could project them on the wall and people would sing.  before computers they would be hand written and as someone for whom written English is a second language there would always be typo's that couldn't be fixed by the press of a button.

It's just another time I am made to feel like a techno-dinosaur as I remember all the changes I have seen in almost half a century of life...sigh

I tell my kids that I started doing computing at school using punch cards. That I remember getting our first TV black and white just in time for the 1972 Olympic games in Munich and colour TV for the commonwealth games. Party lines on telephones when people down our street shared one phone number and  as we were Titirangi 5569M we had to memories the Morse code for the letter M. Before you made a phone call you'd pick the phone up and say "working" just in case someone else was on the phone.

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  1. Those were the days. And as for 1972, now that was a year ;-)

    Thanks for the trip mate.