Sunday, August 26, 2012

What A Week It's Been... But God is still Good

“Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” Proverbs 4:23


‘The treadmill test is just a walk in the park,’ the doctor had said, ‘ a mere formality. There is nothing wrong with your heart’… well that wasn’t that reassuring because I had been referred to the Cardio unit at Greenlane by my GP because I’d gone to him complaining of shortness of breath when I’d been out walking in the park… then six minutes into the treadmill test the technicians had stopped it told me I’d better lie down and called the Doctor to come in urgently… That was the beginning of quite a week in the Carter family’s life.


A phone call on Tuesday then into hospital on Wednesday for an Angiogram, informed that,” yes there is nothing wrong with my heart, it’s just the plumbing round it is blocked up.” Told I was in the grey area between fixing it with Stents and a bypass operation, they’d get back to me on that one. Then Kris went to the doctor on Friday, and ended up in hospital overnight with various tests being run. In the end they could find nothing wrong with her, her heart was 3% bigger than the average. “So they put us through that to tell us our Mum has a big heart, we could have told them that”, say the kids. Still it is good to know Kris is OK.


But in the midst of this we have felt the presence of God:  Shown through the prayers and care of our church family at St Peter’s (thanks). Shown through a great GP, who is a good Christian man and the provision of a public health system, full of excellent doctors and medical staff. People emailing me and when I’ve told them what has been going on they have said, no wonder you’ve been on our heart so much this week. 

In the next while I’ll be going into hospital to have some stents put into my arteries (they are going for the repaving option rather than the bypass as I told my brother in law who is a roading contractor). In one day out the next unable to drive for 48hrs after that and then I should find a whole new lease on life and be full of energy…. Look out soon I’ll be firing on all cylinders. 

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