Monday, October 28, 2013

Encouragement... God Sends an Unlikely Angel On A Morning When I could Simply Pack It All In...

AS Monday is my day off Tuesday's are my Monday mornings, and today I was full of the "not another week syndrome". . And its not the greatest way to start the week either...Tuesday Morning Starts with me taking the rubbish out at Church. I was rather down about stuff and feeling like I could easily pack it all in... It was a whats the point kind of point.

Outside my door appears a very unlikely angel with words of encouragement and solace. A Filipino women who has a wonderful ministry of prayer and care. She does home care for people suffering with age and dementia. We meet one time out on the street out side church. The week I was going into hospital for surgery. We talked and prayer for each other. Today she simply appeared outside my office. She asked me to pray for her and then started bring words of encouragement. Speaking straight into my situation and where my heart was at. Even addressing a part of my life where there is a big scar on my soul.

For me the Kereru ( New Zealand native wood pigeon) is a sign of the Holy Spirit and while it would have been amazing to have one fly into the church at that moment. It didn't, but there lying on the pool table outside my office. Yes I have a pool table outside my office... and in typical Church manner its got a table cloth and lace covering on it to hide it... but on that table was the news sheet from the weekend with a Kereru on the cover looking straight at me.

Thank you God, thank you that you speak into our lives at the right time, in the right way, to bring encouragement and correction.
To let us know you are about and your care... more than we realise...
and that you ordain our time.
We can forget the joy of the Lord,
we can forget the wonder of  not being anxious but being able to bring it all to you in Prayer,
 it is easy to forget your hand on our lives even from our mothers womb,
 it is easy to forget he great source of life we have in your word that we can read each day.
Thank you for your angels, both those we cannot see who are creatures of light and travel across the universe...
and the unlikely and unexpected that bring your word in broken English and arrive in old green cars.

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