Monday, September 8, 2014

A Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession For Land Sunday

There not many places you can see both sides of your country from... even in a place as small as New Zealand. But the Auckland Isthmus is one of them. I went for a picnic lunch with my wife on top of Mt Eden and with my new phone took a panorama shot which captures the dark bush clad Waitakere rangers off in the distance across the suburban sprawl of west Auckland and also both the mouth of the Manukau harbour, on New Zealand's west coast, and the upper reaches of the Waitamata harbour, on our east. 
On some church calendars September is the season of creation, a time for giving thanks for creation and acknowledging creation care as part of the outworking of our  Christian faith. A lot of the liturgy comes from the US or even Australia and, no offense, it does not sit well on these shores... So I am trying to write my own...  Sunday is Land Sunday and I have written a prayer as someone who lives amidst the volcanic cones of Tamaki Makaurau (the Maori name for Auckland) and between the two harbours of Manukau and Waitamata. A prayer giving thanks to God for this land and earth. I humbly offer it up and invite you to join me... Please also feel free to use it or parts of it and to make any suggestions for improvement.
Loving God, full of grace and mercy

We join the whole of creation to praise your name

We have come from so many different places

 Yet In Christ we come together as one people

We acknowledge you have planted us here in this land

Amongst the volcanic cones of Tamaki Makaurau

Between the harbours of Manukau  and Waitamata

It is here that you call us to grow and to bear fruit


Eternal God, creator of all,

We give you praise for this land

We thank you for snow tipped mountain grandeur

We praise you for rugged bush clad hills

We thank you for the rolling farm paddocks of green

We give you thanks for rich productive alluvial river valley

We thank you for the many splendours of our coast

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it


Great God, source of all life

We give you thanks for the flora and fauna of our Island home

Native forest giants and trees that have journeyed with us

Kiwi in forest night, kea on mountain top, the song of Tui and Kereru

And birds who share our city home, pigeon, thrush and sparrow

The shoreline full of the cry of gull the graceful gate of wading bird

For all animals: bird, fish, reptiles and insects, farm animal and pet

The world and all that live in it are yours, O God


 Gracious God, Lord and saviour of all

In Christ you have stepped down and met us on our journey

Earthquake has taught us that even solid ground can liquefy

You have pulled us from the mire and given us a sure place to stand

On rocky unsure path you lead and guide and will not let us fall

In darkest valley trail you are with us and comfort us

Even in dry scorching desert you provide a way

Christ has saved us Christ will lead us safe home


Just God, righteous in all you do,

Land is a blessing from you for the good of all

Forgive us for the way we have misused and abused your gift

When we have used it without giving back and left it desolate

Forgive us for hording what it provides while others go without

Help us to make amends for past injustice with Tanagta Whenua

Help us to be good stewards of this good earth

Forgive us and help us heal our land


O Holy Spirit, Fill us a fresh with your presence

Help us to keep our lives fertile soil for the seed of your word

May it take root in our lives and produce a good crop

Empower us to proclaim the good news of Christ in all we say and do

Enable us to serve, care for and love all who share this land, this earth

Cause us to seek justice and stand against injustice

Help us to care for the precious gift of creation

All glory to you O God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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