Thursday, August 13, 2015

A prayer of thanks giving and confession.. for a sunday I'm preaching on 'The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath (Luke 6:1-11)

Loving and holy Heavenly Father,  

Full of mercy, overflowing with grace

We come this morning to stop and to rest from our toil,

To acknowledge your greatness and goodness

To know and experience your abiding presence with us

To give thanks for your saving acts

WE give you thanks for creation

The ocean around us and bush clad hills about us

Hill top panoramas, beach walk vistas, tree shaded valley trails

Shrubs and gardens that form oases in our urban sprawl,

Bird song filled dawns, crisp winter days, storm cloud, rain and hail

We acknowledge your creative hand in it all

We give you thanks for who you have made us,

Unique and individual, able to know and give love

Given gifts and skills, strength and intelligence to work and provide

Gifted with family and friends, called to care for others

You invite us to know you, to take the time to dwell with you

To know that you are with us by your spirit as we go through our days

We give you thanks for what you have done for us in Christ

You have graced us by stepping into the joy and sorrow of our world

You spoke and showed us your ways, your love in Jesus words

You showed grace and mercy in his welcoming and healing touch

You broke the chains of sin and death in Christ’s death on the cross

You have given us new life in Christ risen from the dead.

In response to this we come to give worship and also to ask forgiveness

We have done things that we should not have done

Greed has gone before generosity, Gratification before   gratitude

Personal Profit before people, Comfort before compassion

We have left undone the good you call us to do

Forgive us we pray O Lord.

Righteous and just God

In Jesus Christ we find hope and forgiveness

In your death and resurrection we know new life

As we have confessed our sins we know you forgive

The guilt is removed the slate whipped clean

Renew and restore us to wholeness we pray

Living God, who gives Sabbath rest

May we catch the breath of your spirit in our lives

Fill us afresh, refresh and restore us O God

Enable and empower us, lead and guide us

That in all we do and say we may bring praise to you

To live to your glory; Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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