Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Prayer of thanksgiving and confession based on Luke 11:5-13

This is a prayer for Sunday worship. AS I have been looking at Jesus teaching on Prayer in Luke 11:1-13 apart for the awesome lord's prayer I was really moved by the way in which in that Teaching Jesus talks of the openness of God. He is like a friend and neighbour who despite all the ruckus it would cause opens his door and provides for those in need. A god who opens when we knock and is found when we seek. Who knows how to give good things and is generous with his aid, his grace and in particular his presence with us. Presence in sending Jesus Christ, presence in welcoming us back to be family and the ongoing presence of God in the Holy Spirit.

Gracious and loving God

Full of mercy and kindness

We thank you that when we knock you open

When we seek we are found in you

We come this morning to give you praise

For your open nature and your open arms to us

You are not a closed off distant God

Way out there off the scope and beyond

Rather you are open to us coming to know you

In fact you opened the way and sought us

You are light and shine your goodness

In Christ you revealed  yourself to us

You opened it all in the beginning

You spoke and it all came into being

The vastness of space each star named and known

The intricate balance of life each animal its habitat

You made us for open communication with you

You walked in the garden with us

We sinned and ruined it all and turned away

Yet You opened up the way of reconciliation

You openly came and dwelt in our midst

In Jesus you showed us your love and grace

Good news, We have been put right with you

Good news, Openly welcomed back as your family

You are open all hours

You hear us when we cry to you

We confess there are times when it feels you have gone away

That the gates of heaven are all shut up and locked down

But your word says you are like a friend when we are in need

You hear and you respond even in the darkest hour of night

We confess we have done wrong

We have left undone the good your love calls us to do

We have closed the doors of mercy and kindness

Allowed evil and injustice to flourish in the open

AS we pray we know the door of forgiveness is open

Because you are just and righteous, in Christ we are forgiven

We know you keep your promises

We know that you are generous and good in your dealing with us

We pray that you might fill us a fresh with your Spirit today

That you might dwell within us and lead and guide us

That we may be filled again with the open love of Jesus

Love that would overflow into the world in which we live

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