Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession

This is simply a prayer of thanksgiving and confession where I have tried to keep a poetic and pithy rhythm. which can lead to a congregational response "we praise you" and 'Forgive us Lord"

We do indeed rejoice because you are our God
You made us
You saved us
You lead and guide us
You call us to follow you
And to be your people
Thank you Lord.

For the wonder of your creation
We praise you
The majestic array of the star fields at night
The explosion of colour in the blooming of flowers (spring line)
the explosion of colour as leaves glory at their job well done, turn and fall  (autumn line)

For Jesus Christ our saviour
We praise you
That he became one of us even a servant
That in his life and death and resurrection we have new life

For your Holy Spirits presence
We praise you
You as our comforter and councillor leading us in the truth
You work within us to make us more and more like Jesus

For your provision and providence
We praise you
You have surrounded us with good things
Our friends, family and this good earth are a gift from you

For the fact you are with us in the midst of life
We praise you
In the midst of it all you call us to be still and know you are God
But not to stagnate rather to come and follow you and be fishers of men.

We confess our sins before you
O gracious and loving God
We have done things we should not have done
We have left undone the good you call us to

Forgive us Lord
For our pride that wants it our way
That looks first to our wants and needs
For our greed that wants it all
Even to the detriment of others and your creation

Forgive us Lord
We have not loved as you love
We are slow to show grace
We are not always moved to mercy
We consume poverty and suffering like entertainment

Thank you Lord
That as we have confessed our sins you are faithful and just and forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness

For this fresh new start in you
We praise you
Fill us a fresh with your spirit
Renew us to worship and serve you


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