Thursday, March 2, 2017

God, you rock and God you rock! A prayer (of thanksgiving and confession) of two halves.

As I came to write a prayer for Sunday several things came together in my thoughts (like a perfect storm you could say, whether that was a good thing or a bad thing I'll let you be the judge). A trip on my day off out to Piha on the West Coast of Auckland, with its iconic Lion Rock (see image above). Both Lion and Rock are imagery from the psalms that are used to speak of God. Reading Psalm 28: 1-9 for my daily devotion  and the fact that its children's day here in New Zealand on Sunday, and i was contemplating what a prayer in kid speak might be like... . and a video from a band called Zealand worship of their song "you love is wild"

and I couldn't get past a play on the word Rock...

...rock as the psalmist uses it to mean a solid place to stand a fortress and a refuge....

... and rock as a way of saying someone is really good but with real zing and vitality.

So once again I offer a simple prayer of thanksgiving and confession. I hope it inspires and connects who you are with who God is... feel free to use it or part of it or none of it.  Blessings

God, you Rock

Like the psalmist says you are a rock,

A solid place to stand, a tower and a refuge.

Over the constant numbing drone of everydayness

Over that myriad the voices competing for attention

even amidst the howling storms of our lives

and the Huge issues that shake us like loud crashing waves

You hear our voice

You hear our cry for help

Over the grumbling and the back stabbing

The put downs and the brush asides

the false promises of hope and help

fake news and alternative truth

you are not silent

you speak your word

we thank you and we sing your praise

you are faithful and constant in your love

you are trustworthy and dependable

we don’t make it because we are tough enough

but because you are our strength and shield

you shepherd and carry us…you are our rock!

God you Rock!

There is something wild, untameable and wonderful about your love.

It makes our hearts leap and our feet dance for joy.

In Jesus, it threw off eternity, like a coat, and stepped into our world

proclaimed good news, Healed the sick, welcomed home the outcast

showed us an alternative way to live, full of your peace and justice

It gave its life on the cross carrying the burden of all we’ve done wrong

It rolled the stone away, and rose giving us new abundant life

It is the dynamic power of your presence that lives in us by the Holy Spirit

It breaks down every barrier, that would divide and hold us down

The chains of sin, guilt and shame are shattered by its mercy

Our wounded souls and dinged up lives find wholeness in it care

The call to share the love we have in Christ gives life its greatest purpose

We come together from all over, as we are made one, in its embrace

Young and old, men and women, from all lands and tribes, as your family.

We thank you today for that wild untameable love

We ask that you surround us, immerse us in that love

We confess our sins and pray that you would forgive and make clean

Pour out your Holy Spirit, to lead and guide and empower us to love

Open our eyes to see where you are calling us to risk loving as you love

Glory to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit… you Rock!  

Oh and here is the video for 'your love is wild'...

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