Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Prayer based on Psalm 68:1-6

Almighty God,

When we consider all the difficulty and pain and suffering in the world

We are tempted to desire that you might act now and definitively

That you would rise against those who oppress and exploit

Come against the violent, the

We find comfort in the image and idea of God as warrior

Our enemies vanishing like a puff of smoke before you

Melting like wax in the fire of your power

The wicked vanquished and the righteous rejoicing

Gracious God,

In the face of that suffering and wrong we see you at work

Yes you are holy and mighty but you respond with care and compassion

You are with and for those at the margins and who suffer

You are father to the fatherless and protect the widow

You invite us to dwell with you in your presence

You are with the lonely and lowly and invite us into your family

You lead the prisoners free with singing and joy

Great is you love for us

God who stoops down to care

We are grateful that you act in this gracious manner

We know that we have done wrong and deserve your enmity

Our unlove and indifference has contributed to the worlds sorrow

Yet you have shown us your justce, mercy and compassion

You sent  Jesus into the world, to show us your way to live

Jesus, invited us back to you and by the cross made the way possible

You showed us your great love, in forgiveness and reconciliation

You dwell with us to call us to be your people to live out your love

Compassionate and caring God,

You respond to the world sorrows by sending your spirit to dwell in us

To empower us to see your kingdom come your righteousness reign

Sometimes we see our faith and prayer as a hope for reprieve and escape

But while we wanted an airlift out you jump right into it with us

We pray for the mountains of injustice and suffering to be removed

You roll up your sleeves and get to it and inviting us to work with you

Fill us with your spirit’s presence to witness and work with you

That the world would know your justice and mercy to your glory

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