Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Conversation With Big Significance

I remember having a conversation one day with the what English humorist and writer of deep Christian insights Adrian Plass calls the small voice at the back of his mind that he equates with God speaking.

I was feeling down and aware of my own shortcomings and faults, and heard that voice trying to encourage me saying “Howard I love You.”

“But God” I replied “ I don’t deserve your love”

“But” said the voice “ It’s about grace.”

“Yeah but God I don’t even deserve your grace” I threw back.

“Isn’t that the point” the voice replied with a laugh “isn’t that what grace is all about? It’s not earned its freely given.”

I laughed “point taken” I said.
“I Love you Howard” the voice replied.

“Thank you God” I said and smiled.

You are loved, loved lavishly and unconditionally, by a good and gracious God.

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