Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Prayer Of Thanks For All Life, Our Lives and New Life

Lord God almighty

You are the Lord of Life

we praise you for all you give

We praise you for creation

A world teaming with life and beauty

The lush dark greens of our native bush

The lighter hew of farmland and orchard

The melody and harmony of our Island of birds

The richness of marine life in the vaste deep blue beyond our shore

For the uniqueness and difference of your people

You are the Lord of Life

Help us to care for your world

We praise you for our lives

The newness in life that a baby brings

The sense of awe and adventure in toddlers exploring steps

A fresh eye on the world in the inquisitive questions of a child

The vigour and passion of youth

The Care and love of a parent’s embrace and nurture

The wisdom and maturity of older generations

You are the Lord of life

Help us to love one another

WE praise you for new and abundant life in Christ

We were lost and you sent your son to find us

We did not know you but in Jesus you made yourself known

We were burdened down in sin and in Christ you forgave us

Because of Jesus death and resurrection we have a clean slate and a new start

You fill us with your spirit to empower and guide, comfort and council

You lead us home to you through life to your father’s house

You are the lord of life

Help us to walk in the life you give

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