Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yet another prayer based on Psalm 107 (23ff mainly) with a nautical theme

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Praise you for your great mercy and grace

It surrounds us like the sea surrounds our Island home

We were not even looking for you we had turned away

Yet you sent your son Jesus to show us your love

To teach us your ways and to save us

We were lost in darkness, stumbling along blind

In Jesus you shone your great light in our life

Showed us the way and lead us home to you

Our sins held us fast and dragged us down

In Christ’s death and resurrection you give us forgiveness

By grace the shackles fall away and we are free

We find our selves tossed on the waves and battered by the winds

You speak your presence and peace into our lives

Your spirit is our comfort and our guide

We stand by feeling helpless as the storm rages round us

Yet you are with us and empowered us to witness to you

You enable us to reach out and pluck people to safety in you

We hug the shore seeking only safe haven, reluctant to venture too far

You go before us out into the deep and invite us to follow

AS we do we will see your wondrous works O Lord.

We cannot see over the horizon through the mist of time

Yet you O Lord are working your plans for Good

We have confidence of eternal life with you

Lord God we have been washed in your goodness

Wave after wave of mercy and love has crashed on our shore

Forgive us for our sins as we turn again to you

We have not loved you as we should

We have gone our own self-centered way

Help us to see its not all about us

We have not loved as you love

The tide is way out on our mercy and grace

Forgive and enable us to forgive

We have abused and misused your creation

Bent it to serve our greed, our power our hate

Help us to be good stewards O Lord

Thank you that as we have confessed our sin

You have been faithful and just and forgive us

Like a pristine beach in the dawn that the tide has swept clean of footprints We have been made new

Fill our sails, our lives, afresh with your spirit O God

That we may venture forth to serve you to follow you

Giving all glory to You O God, Father , Son and Holy Spirit

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