Monday, May 23, 2011

a prayer of thanks for God's presence and grace amidst the landscapes of our soul

Lord God almighty

You are the God who created the world and all that is in it

Arid desert and fertile fields

Distant high mountains and gentile rolling hills

Summit vistas and Valley floor

The unpredictable open sea and the still safe harbour haven

Forest, bush and open ground

Rugged coastline and still calm lakeside

Vast continents and our Island home

We praise you in the midst of your creation

Loving God

You are the God that invites us to walk through this world trusting you

In the midst of the changing seasons and landscapes of our lives you lead us homeward to be with you

You provide what we need to see our journey through

You provide water in the midst of our deserts

Stars to navigate by in the midst of our dark nights

Safe haven and courage amidst our storms

Green pastures and still water to restore our soul

We praise you for your presence to guide and provide

Merciful God

We had gone our own way wandered away from the path you had provided

Yet you did not leave us stranded in the wilderness or lost on city streets

You sent your son Jesus to be the light and the new way for us to travel

He healed the sick and made whole the broken

He spoke your word and brought good news to the poor

When the time was right he gave his life to pay for all we had done wrong

Being raised from the dead he is with you and with us

He will come again to judge with justice

We give you praise for Jesus

God who gives his holy spirit

The wind blows where it will over sea and land

It can be cool breeze in the sweltering heat of summer

It can fill the unfurled sail and take us on

WE can find ourselves trudging into the face of a gale

You send your Holy Spirit wind to blow into our lives

To speak your truth, to empower us to follow you

To lead and to guide us, fill and embrace us

Even to slow us down and turn us back when we walk away from you

We praise you that you are with us by your Spirit

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