Monday, May 2, 2011

Waitemata Wondering:A Poem (Of Sorts)

I take some time when I can to sit at a lookout and look out at the Waitemata harbour that graces Auckland City. when I see it, its always different and it always moves me. It's a natural beauty, a natural wonder amidst the hustle and bustle of a cityscape. So I wrote a humble, bumbling poem (a Psalm maybe, but not quite).

Day after day, season after season, change after change

The only constant its ability to take my breath away

Moody grey and dull cold silver,

Sparkling blue and flashes of blinding light

Resting still and calm,

Ruffled and beginning to stir,

White capped and writhing as if winded

Lined by the silhouette of house clad hills

Embraced by Green sunlit slopes and mimicked in window glass bling

The busy mechanical ballet of container wharf

the constant rush and pulse of coastline city arteries

At narrowest point spanned and  bridge girdled

The shimmering fingers of toitoi calling Harae mai and welcome to the wandering wind

The graceful symmetrical rise of volcanic cone

In inadequate reply, the arrogant thrust of skyscraper walls

Boats wharf-side riding the tide,

ferry’s scurrying,

Yachts bowing to the breeze,

A homeless man sleeps with million dollar view

Lovers grab rails and bask in each other, loving it all

Tradesmen stare from vans eating lunch to radio blare

My soul pierced and filled, My spirit lifted and fortified

1 comment:

  1. Love it! You have a gift, Howard. I really miss the Waitemata Harbour. You are blessed!
    Helen Calder