Monday, July 11, 2011

A Prayer giving thanks for God's faithfulness in the past, today and on into the Future.

While the Rolling Stones might be able to sing 'Time (imagine the long drawn out craggy Mick Jagger voice here) is on my side... yes it is", with their faces showing more and more the advance of age, this prayer is an expression of the fact that "Time (think gospel choir, full harmonies, hands waving) is in God's hand's and maybe you too can add a "yes it is" Amen.   

It is a prayer that I am holding onto at the moment in the midst of what for me are uncertain times. It is a prayer of thanks and hope from behind the dark fractal  as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. It was also the prayer I used on Sunday for a church service. Like all my prayers i try and have some sort of poetic structure... but seldom manage to go to great heights in that department. (oh and I love the image of the past, present and future watch... from a website called geeks gadgets could be a help for living in the moment).

Eternal God
Who holds our times in your hand
Who made us in your image.
Who while we were yet sinners sent Jesus Christ to live amongst us
And die on the cross to free us from sin and death
Who when Jesus rose and ascended to heaven sent your spirit to be our councillor and comforter
We proclaim your faithfulness
And thank you for your steadfast love

Faithful God
We look back remember and thank you for all you’ve done in the past
You knitted us together in our mother s womb
You have guided our steps all our lives
Always calling us to come and follow Jesus
You have meet with us and saved us
You walk through the sunny days and deep dark shadows that make up our lives
You empower us to live love and witness to you
We thank you for the people who have inspired us and helped us grow in you
We thank you for the people you have lead us to serve and love

Living God
We thank you for your presence and work in our lives today
It’s not just in the past
Today we are made new because of what you have done for us
Today you are teaching and leading us
You are calling us to be closer and closer to you
You are calling us to maturity in Christ Jesus
You strengthen us and encourage us
You invite us to seek justice, care and witness to you

God who is alpha and omega, beginning and end
You have our future in your hands
Our tomorrow with all its potential
Our next step our next sunrise and sunset 
You will lead us all our days
As you work your plans out in our lives
As you call us to continue to grow and to serve
You have our eternity in your hands
That we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

You have been faithful in the past and you are faithful today
And you never change so we trust you with our future

Forgive us for our sins,  
Fill us afresh with your spirit
Equip us to serve you faithfully into the future
To proclaim and live the good news of Jesus Christ with holy boldness
To the glory of  our eternal God, father son and spirit


  1. It is awesome to be faithful and thankful to God of our souls....I will praise Him and Give Him Thanks all the days of my life.....He is worthy to be praise....

  2. Hi Carter... am so blessed going through your blog. God bless you