Monday, September 19, 2011

Cell Phones And Ceremony and The Black Humour Of A video on Cell Phone Karma

The secretary here at Maclaurin Chapel sent me this video on Cell Phone Karma. Making fun of a situation many of us have experienced.

It's a modern phenomena that we have to deal with cell phone interruptions. I have to admit that often forget to turn my cell phone off during worship on Wednesday and have on two occasions have had my phone go off.

One funeral I took the lady who had died had learned to use her cell phone to keep in touch with her grandchildren. They had placed her cell phone in the coffin and at the end of all the eulogies the kids txted a final farewell to 'Nana'. It was rather unnerving, and a bit humorous to hear her phone go off in the coffin. I did say "Boy! we're in trouble if she answers" . After the service the undertaker said he'd better remember to take the phone out again before the cremation otherwise their could be an explosion.

We used to follow the "Willow Creek" cell phone rule at meetings in Rotorua. If your phone goes off in  meeting then you had to buy everyone there a pizza. Of course with my youth leaders, they all wanted a frese pizza so instead of turning off their phones when the cell phone rule came into affect they would txt bomb each other in the hope that someones cell wasn't off.

Maybe these days the most common line in calls to worship in services needs to be 'Please turn off your cell phones".

It does I guess give a whole new meaning to the idea of Cell Phone Service.

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