Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Prayer of thanksgiving and confession in the midst of life's churn and blur

In the book 'Soultsunami' Leonard Sweet talks of the way in which change has changed in our world. He says that it has just got faster and everything changes. Like it does with still photography when you are able to take more than 24 frames a second it becomes moving pictures and the rules change. Sociologists use the term churn and blur to talk of the way in which change happens now. This prayer was written in light of the changing world we live in. Be it the uncertain earth of my New Zealand home with its quakes, floods and slips or the rapid march of technology. which moves at such a pace that it I am aware that I often have more in common with dinosaurs than the new emerging world of my children. In the midst of this in this prayer I have tried to capture the presence of God in the midst of change and in an almost grand prayer if thanksgiving way retell the timeless unchanging story of God's grace in Jesus Christ.  As with all prayers I post please fell free to use all or part of them privately or publicly.

Holy, Holy, holy Lord God almighty.

We do raise our voices to praise you today o great and faithful God.

From the shore of our shaky island home we acknowledge that even when the world around us changes that you are constant in your character and your love.

More solid than rock; such a sure foundation.

In our times where as soon as we’ve got our head around something it seems to be out of date

or get something off the shelf its obsolete

that we can rely on you  that you lead and guide us

that you hold the future in your hands that you are constant in your love

You are gracious and full of mercy

Not only in moments of rest and tranquillity

But in the midst of the storms of life

In the midst of struggles and conflict

We can be still and know that you are God

That you are the one who is sovereign and in control

That you are eternal and transcendent

But also with and for us and so close

In this we find strength and hope

We praise you 

That even though you were the one who spoke and it all came into being who has no beginning or end

That in Jesus Christ you’ve also walked in our shoes

Experienced our highs and lows, joys and sorrows, pleasure and pain

Jesus we praise you

That you became one of us and showed us God’s great love

Revealing God as our heavenly dad

Healing with a touch

Embracing the outcast

Calling people not servants but friend

That because of your death in the darkness and violence of Calvary

We can have forgiveness, a clean slate and a fresh start

In your being raised back to life we can have new and abundant life

Eternal life that steps through the veil of death into your light

That as you’ve sent your Holy Spirit

We have a guide and enabler who leads us into all truth and empowers us to witness to the hope we have in you.

Thank you our most wonderful God

We also ask today O God

That you would forgive us

We admit we have sinned and confess them before you this morning

We have acted as if there was no God or even if we were God

We are full of pride and have chosen to go our way not your way

We want to turn again and follow you

We have put our hands to things that have been wrong and unjust

We have not loved, as you would have us love

We have been so concerned with our stuff and our agenda that we have been impervious to your call to care in our world

Forgive us O God

Thank you that you are faithful and just and as we have confessed our sins you have forgiven us and cleansed us from all unrighteousness

The slate is clean and the stain is gone.

O gracious and caring God in the midst of our still moments and our chaotic days, When things are going swimmingly or we feel like were just treading water we pray you would fill us afresh with your spirit that we know you presence, your comfort and your guidance. That we may testify to the great light and life we have found in you.

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