Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Not Alone or Abandoned in My Makeshift Suburban Retreat: A poem (of sorts)

I am on study leave at the moment and am spending a lot of my time sitting on my porch reading books on kindle for PC. My kids are home and its great to have some time with them losing at monopoly and watching movies. I try and concentrate on reading about people who have taken up contemplation as a vocation but am often distracted. Here is a poem I have penned (well typed) as I have been surprised in my study of contemplation by God's presence in the little bits of nature that are here in my makeshift suburban retreat. (the photo is one I took using my cell phone)

As I sit on my porch I try to concentrate and study

With a small suburban green oasis of lawn before me

I can be distracted by the incessant hurry of traffic

An urgent reminder of places to be and things to do

I am alone here with this struggle to be still and ponder

but there is companionship to call me to be still again

 the windblown hedge chirps contentedly at me

The thrush rejoicing in its shelter and provision

The beauty of the tree blossom submitting as if in worship

 Surrendering itself as it floats to the ground in the breeze.

The glorious display of an infinite palate of green in trees close and far

Sunlight and shade mottled and maze like through branches warms me

Grass blade fingers quiver in the wind waving at me

We are here today and withered tomorrow yet we are splendidly arrayed

The rustle and bluster of wind drowning out all noises beyond

Reminding me of the Spirits wind blowing and guiding

The black cat happy just to be asleep in the heat of the midday

Only stirring to roll to the shade as the day becomes too warm

Simply happy to be still and alone with me

Above it all a canvas of blue white cloud splattered

Looking up we can glimpse eternity

But also know its presence so close

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