Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Year Bible Online... A Bible Reading Spiritual discipline tool

I hope people find this helpful. For the past few years I have been trying to keep the spiritual discipline of reading through the Bible each year. A friend introduced me to the "One Year Bible" which cuts the Bible up into an Old Testament reading, New Testament reading, Psalm and Proverbs for each day of the year. It means that you read through both Testaments each year once and the book of Psalms and Proverbs twice.

I went and bought a pocket version of the "One Year Bible' thinking that its size would enable me to carry it with me. However the text size made it very hard to read... and I have to admit that I often overlooked it. Now I've found "One Year Bible Online" and its a great tool for this discipline.

The site uses for its text and for me text size is no longer a problem and as my laptop is not often away from me I find I am  a lot more faithful in this discipline. It also means that I have the ability to easily change versions to gain some clarity on verses and words I am wrestling with. Yes I still have my pocket book version so if I'm going away from being online I can revert to that one.

It is interesting however that I went to speak at a Church camp last month and found I had git so used ti having my Bible on line that I forgotten to bring a print version with me. I  don't have a smart phone and know have a bible in kindle for pc library.

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