Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faithful God... A Prayer of thanksgiving and confession... March 18th 2012

Faithful God

You always keep your promises

Your love for us is strong and constant

There is no other like you

This morning we come to worship you

We praise you for who you are

And we give you thanks for what you have done

You are eternal and almighty, all knowing and all loving

Before the mists of the beginnings you were

Long after it all winds up and finishes you will be

There is nothing that is too hard for you

There is nothing that is hidden away from your sight

You are always just and kind in your dealings with us

We deserve your enmity for sin but you have showed us mercy

You made us in your image

The best of who we are male and female, reflects your goodness

Our creativity and artistry reflects your amazing creation,

You spoke and it came in to being

Our understanding, reflects just a glimpse of your wisdom

Our ability to love and have compassion your grace and mercy

We praise you we are wondrously and fearfully made

We turned away from you and you sent your son to call us back

In Jesus you became one of us and dwelt in our midst

You proclaimed good news to the poor and Healed the sick

You called the outcast and sinner back to friendship with God

Our sins are forgiven because of Jesus death on the cross

We have new and eternal life because you raised him from the dead

By your spirit you dwell within us

Just and righteous God

We confess before you that we have sinned

We do not love as you love

We have broken our promises

We have broken relationships

We do not value your image in others

We leave undone the good you call us to do

We ask O God that you would forgive us

There is hope O Lord because of your great love

There is hope for us O Lord because of your Son Jesus

If we confess our sins you are faithful and just and forgive us our sins

You cleanse us from all unrighteousness and make us new

Today we hear that good news

We are forgiven and invited to make a clean start

Fill us afresh with you spirit O Lord

Help us to reflect you more clearly to all around us

Bind us together in love

Empower us to witness to you and your gospel goodness

That the world you love may know you more

That we may work with you to see your kingdom come

To the glory of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

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