Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayer of thanksgiving and confession based on Psalm 95

This is a prayer of thanksgiving and confession based on Psalm 95.... with an assurance of forgiveness and a prayer for God to fill us afresh with his Spirit at the end. feel free to use all or any part of it you want to. To pray it in private or use it in public worship. Thanks to for the great way you illustrate Bible verses and the way you allow people to reuse them.

To you, O God, do we lift our voices in praise?

We come before you this morning

We sing aloud bursting with joy

We want to shout aloud about your goodness

You are the rock of our salvation.

You are definitely worth getting excited about

It’s so right to come and give you thanks.

You are a great God,

There is no other one like you,

We feel small in the shadow of mountain rangers

We feel insignificant when we contemplate the vastness of the ocean

Yet the psalmist says you made it all

It all belongs to you

You hold the world and all that is in it in your hands

Its mind blowing and we bend the knee to you

Yet you are a Good God

We worship you because of your great love

You made each one of us

Our uniqueness a precious gift

You care for us, feed and provide all we need

As we have gone astray wondered from your ways

You sent your son, the good shepherd, to bring us back

Your spirit is our comforter and guide

You are not silent O God

You have spoken to us, and revealed yourself to us

Shown us your mercy and grace, invited us to follow you

Forgive us O Lord, we've let our hearts grow hard

We are sinners from a whole line of sinful people

We do what we should not do

We leave undone the good we should do

How can we find rest in you?

It is only because of you O God

You are faithful and Just

As we confess our sin you forgive us

You wipe the slate clean

Fill us afresh with your spirit

Soften our hearts with Jesus love to love

Set us anew on the path following you

That in all we do we may bring glory to you, O LORD

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