Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession: we've got so much to sing and shout about

Hallelujah O lord

You give us so much to sing and shout about

We are truly blessed by the wonder of who you are

And the way you’ve shown us your constant love

You are truly an awesome God


You are eternal

You were before the beginning

And will be beyond the end 

AS we read the scriptures we see you cared for your people then

And as we live our lives out in a totally different time and place

We are aware that you care for us today

You do not change yet you are able to meet the needs of our time

Your love is constant

Yet it is fresh and new every morning


You are not a stand off God

Some sort of cosmic observer

You stand with your people

You are so with us and for us

That The psalmist could say ‘you hold the hands of your people’


We thank you in particular for Jesus Christ

That you laid aside your greatness and became one of us

Lived in our world

Taught, healed and loved

Cared for the poor and embraced the outcast

Inviting people to repent and turn to you

That in Jesus death and resurrection

We can be forgiven for our sins

And have new life in you


We also see your goodness and love in the everyday things

The start of new life in spring

The sparkle of sun on the sea by which we live

The food we eat

The laughter of children and grand children

The hug, embrace and support of loved ones

Companions, brothers and sisters, to share the journey with

Thank you lord for these things


We also come before you today aware of your goodness

And know that we have sinned and are in need of your forgiveness


We do not love as you call us to love

We have talked it up, when we should have listened

We have been silent when injustice has crowed its triumph

We have enjoyed our comfort when others have gone without

We have been quick to point the finger and ignored our own faults

We’ve thought about our stuff when others have needed self giving care

Forgive O Lord


Thank you, that as we have confessed our sins you have been faithful and just and forgiven us and cleansed us from all unrighteousness.


Pour out your spirit afresh upon us, fill us with your abiding presence that we know you more, that we may be empowered to take the love we have received from you and share and declare it to the world. 

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