Monday, April 21, 2014

Sitting Under The Fig Tree: Encounters With Jesus in John's Gospel (an Index)

Leading into Easter this year I have preached my second series of messages from John's Gospel... Last year over the same period I preached a series called 'Refracted Glory: Jesus Revealed In The 'I Am' Sayings of John's Gospel.' ...and this year I wanted to look at how people meet with Jesus in John's gospel and how that  changed them and how we can meet with Jesus today.

This years series was called "Sitting Under The Fig Tree: Encounters with Jesus in John Gospel and Today." and picks up the encounter that Jesus has with Nathaniel at the beginning of the gospel. WE tend to think of the Fig Tree as an exotic and interesting place to be sitting, but in Ancient Near eastern homes the Fig Tree outside the house was the place where people would sit to rest and also to pray and contemplate. My hope was that in our own time and culture that we would meet Jesus in the similar places where we live our everyday lives and as we come to pray, reflect and read scripture.

I've posted the messages on my blog and in what does seem a bit of a self promotion I'm providing this index so people can find a passage and message they want. Please if there is anything of value in this feel free to reuse it, I'm also always open to peoples comment and reflections... I guess that goes without saying in the blogosphere.

Due to a glitch with Mircosoft word (if I am allowed to say such things... yes this is a google owned website) I lost the electronic version of my message on John 4: 43-54.

John 1:  35-50... Under The Fig Tree: The First disciples (Jesus meet us where we are and invites us to follow him)

John 3:1-21.... At Night: You must Be Born Again, Jesus and Nicodemus

John 4: 1-37... At the Well, the Samaritan Women

John 5:1-14   At the Pool... Do You want to be well?

John 6:60-71 ...Following When Jesus Says What!!!

John 9: 1-41... In Sight: Jesus and Who is really Blind?

John 11:1-44   In The Face Of Death: at Lazarus' Tomb

John 12: 1-11 In Worship or is It Worth it, Mary and Judas Respond to Jesus

John 12:12-36 In The Swirl Of The Passover Crowd: A Sea Of Responses.

John 20: 11-29, 21:15-19 With The Risen Christ: Mary, Thomas And Peter

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