Monday, May 19, 2014

A Call to Worship in Word and Image (Psalm 103:8,10-12, Romans 1:16-18)

A Call to Worship is a way of gathering a congregation together and inviting them to draw near to God. The following is a series of PowerPoint slides I used in a service recently as a call to worship. It is joining together  words from Psalm 103 and Romans 1. The message fro the day was looking at Acts 4 looking at the first believers response to opposition. So I wanted something that both picked up the message that Peter and john had preached before the Sanhedrin (Psalm 103) and a bold affirmation of the being wiling to own and proclaim the gospel.

It was designed to be read antiphonally (thus words in white and yellow aligned to the left and right of each slide) I always hope that the combination of both word and image will help people to focus on what is being said. Fell free to use it is you think that there is any merit in how I've used it...

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