Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pentecost Prayer May 24th 2015

Gracious God

We thank you this morning for your Holy Spirit

The Wild untameable spirit that James K Baxter says

Is like "the wind that blows through a thousand paddocks

Both Inside and outside the fences."

The very breath of God

Breath on us today we pray


Eternal God

We thank you for your Spirit’s presence and work in the past

Active in creation, brooding over the waters

Speaking and guiding the people of Israel

Anointing and empowering Jesus mission and ministry

Poured out on all who believe to enable us to live and witness

Move a fresh in us today


God with us

Thank you that by your spirit, Christ dwells within us

Thank you that we are one people filled by the same spirit

Thank you that you lead and guide us

That you reveal the scriptures and lead us into all truth

That you enable us to witness to the hope we have in Jesus.

Fill us today we pray

Loving God

By your spirit make us more like Christ

Fill us with your presence

Gift us for the common good

As we dwell with you ripen the spirits fruit in us

May we be made holy, wholly yours

Kindle the Spirits fire with us Lord

Head of the Church
Renew our passion for, and the compassion of, Christ
help us to love one another as you have loved us
Unsettle us and draw us out on the Spirit wind
To work and witness and love where you call
To find where your Spirit is at work and join on in
Send us out once more, O God  


Living God

Make us like the cabbage tree in our car park

At the slightest breath of wind it moves and dances

It becomes alive and animated

May we be as sensitive to your Spirit’s breath

Moving in praise and love and care for the whole of creation

Move a fresh in us O Lord

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