Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sermon's On James: An Index for the Series 'Shedding Light on the Epistle of Straw. (Jan -May 2015)

For the first half of this year I have been preaching a series through the book of James called 'Shedding Light on the Epistle of Straw: Finding a Faith that works in the book of James' at St Peter's Church Ellerslie Mt Wellington here in Auckland New Zealand.

This post is simply an index to help people wanting to work their way through a series on the book of James or fellow preachers looking for inspiration and reflection find their way around this blog.

As always please feel free to use any illustrations or reflections that you find helpful.

James 1:1    " And now for Something Completely Different: An Introduction to the Book of James"

James 1:2-12  " Finding real Joy, in Real Trials, In the Person, Presence and Purposes of a Real God."

James 1:13-18   "Tempted? Don't be deceived, God Is Good."

James 1:19-27  "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Looking Intently Into The Perfect Law That Brings

James 2: 1-13   " For those in the Cheap Seats: Equality In The Church."

James 2:15-24    "Pleasant Pious Platitudes Do Not Provide For Those In Poverty: Faith Without Works is Dead."

James 3:1-12    "Public Health Warning: Guard Against Deadly Glossa Attacks."

James 3:13-18   " I'm Not A Smart Man But... Wrestling With Two Kinds of Wisdom."

James 4:1-10    "This Is The Humility Factor Not The X-Factor: Learning to Fight Like Christians."

James 4:11-12    "Dis is Not Good... If You Dis a Person, You Dis The Law and You Dis The Law Giver."

James 4:13-17    "Being VerBOAST: Talking it up at the expense of Others."

James 5:1-6      "Wealth But At Whose Expense?"

James 5: 7-11    "Patience In The Face Of Suffering."

James 5:13-19   "A Life Of Faith and Trust... In All Situations Pray."

James 5: 19-20   "Wanderer Come Home... You're Not too Far: The Grace Filled End to James."

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