Sunday, July 3, 2016

Prayer for a cold day in Auckland... our toes and our nose may be cold but our hearts are warm

It was a cold winters morning on Sunday and when I got to Church there was frost on the roof, ice on the gaurd rail and the bird bath outside my window was frozen over. When I walkd inside it wasn't much warmer but the worship center was full of wonderful early morning light (you can see the sun shining on our stepple on the above image). I though yes... our toes and nose will be cold today our feet and hands chilled but our hearts will be warm... Warmed because of the goodness and grace of God... his care... his saving grace in Jesus Christ and 'strangely warmed', as John Wesley said, by the presence and filling of the Holy Spirit... Thus this little prayer.

Our toes and our nose may be cold this morning

Our feet and hands chilled, but our hearts are warm

They are warmed by the fact that you O God care

Your love is as constant as the rise 0f the sun

Your faithfulness as sure as the day following night 

Our lives are full of seasons, different and diverse

Times of new growth and hope

Times of sunshine and warmth

Times of harvest and plenty

And dying back and darkness

Times of calm and times of storm

Through them all you O God remain the same.

Steadfast in all your ways

In this season, in this time, this morning

We acknowledge your  grace in Jesus Christ

That in Christ’s life death and resurrection

You have enabled us to be forgiven

You have called us back into relationship with you

That we may know healing and wholeness, your peace

A peace that the world cannot take away

A peace that comes because of your presence with us

That you have sent you Holy Spirit to be with and within us,

May we may know that reality today

Forgive us our sins, the wrong we have done and the good we have left undone

Fill us afresh with your spirit

Set our hearts ablaze with the love of Jesus

Our lives full of your compassion and concern

Empower  us to radiate your goodness and grace in all we do

To the Glory of God; Father son and holy Spirit Amen

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