Wednesday, September 21, 2016

cosmos sunday a prayer of thanksgiving

while the stars may not influence our lives in New Zealand we find ourselves knowing our place in the world when we look up and see the southern cross. It fixes us as a southern hemisphere nation, it is the symbol on our flag. For me it is part of the night sky's silent witness as the pointer point towards the cross and Christ.
The Season of Creation finishes this sunday with an invitation to give God thanks for the cosmos, the wonders of the heavens that Psalm 19 tells us declares God's splendour. It is an invitation to look up, wonder and worship... from clouds to invisible yet so essential atmosphere layers through our solar system and its orbiting objects and out into our galaxy home and beyond... And I've used Hubble's deep feilds as a way of expressing that most distant of horizons which we have not yet learned to look beyond.

But Psalm 19 also calls us to know of God through special revelation for the psalmist the law and for us the law fufilled in Jesus Christ. So the universe witnesses to God's greatness and the law his goodness.

Once again I offer these words for people... feel free to use them or any part or line or phrase that helps you in your worship and prasie of God. feel free not to. The other two prayers in this season are flora and fauna sunday and storm sunday... follow the links.

Lord who spoke and it all came into being

We give you thanks for the wonders you have made.

As we’ve looked around us this month we’ve said thank you for

The dark unseen depths and coastal shallows of the ocean

The beauty and diversity of this Island home of ours

Still lake and rushing river, Majestic Mountain and sheltered valley

Wondrous plants, delicate wild flowers to soaring forest giants

Plants that we grow and tend for food

Plants that grace and nurture the great diversity of natural habitat

Animal life from irritating tiny insects to grand majestic whale

Soaring birds, crawling and slithering reptiles, crustacean and fish

Domestic animals and wild free roaming beasts

Ourselves, each in our uniqueness made in your image

Lord who spoke and it all came into being

We give you thanks for the wonders you have made.

Now we look up and outwards and we see your splendour

Friendly white summer clouds and grim daunting storm front

Layers of atmosphere, enabling life, protecting and sheltering,

The silver of asteroid burn and rarely seen streak of comet tail

The moon, reflecting light into our darkness and ruling the tides

The sun, giving us light and warmth anchoring us in space

The mysterious variety and splendour of close planet neighbours

The brush stroke of our galaxy its vastness arching across the night

Nebula cloud, quasar and pulsar, black hole and red giant

Numerous galaxy swirls that reach us as simple bright dots

Hubble’s deep field that marks the extent of our seeing and knowing

Lord who spoke and it all came into being

We give you thanks for the wonders you have made.

We thank you for how the heavens speak in silent witness

Seeing them we catch a glimpse of the eternal

We become aware of how awesome is our God

You spoke and they came into being, you know each by name

We are aware of the seasons, time passing and things changing

Enabling your providence and focusing us on what you have done

we thank you that you are not silent or distant, beyond our knowing

That you have chosen to speak through the law and the prophets  

That from beyond space and time you’re creating word became flesh

That in Jesus it dwelt with us, and we beheld your grace and truth

In his death and resurrection we have become new creation

Lord who spoke and it all came into being

We give you thanks for the wonders you have made.

We look within and see our need for your light and word

We are aware that often we have shut out the witness of the night sky

We have let neon flare and street light glare focus us only on our selves

We have shut out the radiant light of your love and gone our own way

We have revelled in unloving dark, polluted and exploited creations gift

Heavenly father we pray you would forgive us and wipe the slate clean

We thank you that because of Christs great love that we are forgiven

Fill us afresh with your Holy Spirit, replace the night with your new day

Enable us to join our words and deeds to the night skies silent witness

That in all we say and do, we may point people to the true light, Jesus

Help us to love one another and care for your creation, to your glory.

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