Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Prayer Based on Psalm 29:10-11 for the second Sunday of Advent

As a call to worship this Sunday we are using Psalm 29:10-11. These verses come at the end of a nature psalm which talks of a major storm coming up from the Mediterranean sea, bring devastation to the hills of Lebanon and its majestic cedar trees, going on over the wilderness and desert and descending on Jerusalem. In the face of that the Psalm acknowledges God's sovereignty and goodness.

So I've written a prayer using the four phrases  "God enthroned above the storm, King enthroned forever, Lord who strengthens his people, & Lord who blesses with peace.' as  a starting point.

It is designed for the second Sunday of Advent with a focus on peace. It also incorporates our waiting for the consummation of Christ's kingdom and that this waiting is an active thing, calling us to be about the work of Christ. I've also made it Trinitarian in nature as well.

Once again I simply offer it in the hope some will find it useful and helpful. feel free to use any of it or all of it, or none of it.  

God enthroned above the floods,

We know that this does not mean you are distant or disinterested

You see and know the pains and suffering of this world and hear our cries

The devastation of natural disaster

Poverty and hungers cruel grip

The bloody destruction of war

The dehumanization of violence and abuse

Rather that in the face of these things you are sovereign

Your plans and purposes for peace and justice will triumph

We await the coming of your salvation

All glory and Praise to God the Father

King enthroned forever,

WE know that eternity does not mean you are inactive

When the time was right, you sent us hopes pure light

In Jesus the word became flesh

We beheld your grace and truth

In his death, death and sin were defeated

In his resurrection we have new creation life

You stepped into our world, bringing reconciliation and grace

The poor receive Good News, the blind sight and the captive liberty

We await the consummation of your kingdom come in Christ.

 All glory and Praise to God the Son

Lord who strengthens his people,

We know it is not for conquest, domination or earthly power

You enable and equip us to serve and love with your own big hearted love

Like Jesus to seek and save the lost

To care for those without, to do for the least of them

To love one another generously

To love even those who would try and be our enemies

These things are not simply left up to our weak and faulting frames

Rather you dwell with us and in us by the Holy Spirit

We wait on you, that you might fill us afresh today

All glory and Praise to God, the Holy Spirit

Lord who blesses with peace,

We know this is not just an absence of conflict or concern

But you lead us into righteousness and the just treatment of each other

Forgive our sins and restore us to peace with you O God

In the face of inner turmoil allow us the peace of your presence

In the face of war and injustice help us to be peace makers

Indeed make us channels through which your peace may flow

We don’t just say ‘peace on earth’ as a seasonal greeting

It is our earnest prayer our deepest hope a statement of faith in you

We wait for you, O Prince of Peace

All glory and Praise to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit  

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