Monday, January 30, 2017

A Prayer of thankgiving and confession for Waitangi Day Weekend... maybe

I'm very reluctant to put this out on my blog. In New Zealand Waitangi day is a day both of celebration of New Zealand and also of protest and reflection. It celebrates the founding of our nation with the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, which bring up the spectre that it has not been honoured in terms of partnership with, and the sovereignty of Maori. We see how far we've come as a nation and how many wrongs are being addressed through the Waitangi Tribunal but we also reflect on how far we have to go as well. Maori appear in imprisonment and poverty statistic too often. We need to learn to listen and consult and work together  in decision making processes.

I've written a prayer for waitangi day weekend. I've tried to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape flora and fauna and our diverse peoples  in giving thanks for New Zealand. To capture something  of the gospels story here and how the church is now... to confess our sins and ask for God's help and guidance and not to be too long winded, over the top and full of flowery language about it.

Feel free to make comment suggest change, to use any or all or none.

To my many overseas readers there are many Maori words in this Prayer. I've put links in where I can to help with understanding

Creator God,

We come to you this morning to give thanks for this land

For Aotearoa, New Zealand, a land of contrast and rich beauty

The vast ocean that surrounds us, makes us unique, full of wonders

The roar of surf battered coast and shelter of harbour, bay and inlet

Bush and forest clad hills, and the green of rolling farmland fields

Volcanic cones and mountain peak, tussock lined and snow capped

Glaciers, fiords, bubbling mud and steam vents, distant Antarctic Isles.

For preserved wilderness right through to urban and suburban sprawl  

From warm sub-tropical north right down to the wind swept chill of south

Thank you for this land

God who made all things

We come to you this morning to give thanks for this land

Aotearoa New Zealand, a land of Unique flora and fauna

Towering kauri, silver fern unfurling, high mountain Daisey

sea life: seal, dolphin and whale, kawhai and snapper, kina and cray  

Wondrous and weird insects, Weta, centipede and carnivorous snail

Islands of birds, Gull squawk, Kiwi night walk, tree top chorus at first light

Cheeky mountain Kea, forest Kaka and the deep boom of Kakapo hope

Animals introduced, hunted and farmed, pets; loved and befriended

 Thank you for this teaming life

Father God

We come to you this morning to give thanks for this land

Aotearoa New Zealand, for its rich diversity of people

The Tangata Whenua, first people of this land   

There roots deep in this soil, their rich culture and wisdom

Iwi and Hapu, Marae: a place to belong, and whanau gathered around

For those who have come and been welcomed from afar

Settlers from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and pacific atoll and Ilse

Each with something to bring, treasure to share, story to tell

Thank you for all your children here

Saving God

We come to you this morning to give thanks for this land

Aotearoa New Zealand, and your gospel and Spirits presence here

For the forgiveness, new and abundant life we have in your son Jesus

Through Christ’s life, his death, resurrection and his promised Holy Spirit

Thank you for the gospel preached in this land, for over two hundred years

Maori who heard it and bought it back with them and missionaries and church planters

For Your church in this land in its so many different forms and strands
worshipping with Hymn, Maori chant, pacific harmony, Asian passion, and electronic beat

And committed to mission, compassion, love, peace and justice here

We Thank you God

Righteous God

We come to you this morning to give thanks for this land

Aotearoa New Zealand, and ask for your forgiveness as we have sinned

forgive us for the things that we have done wrong

forgive us for the good we have left undone

We confess that the Treaty of Waitangi has not been honoured

Partnership with, and sovereignty of Maori, has not been kept

We confess this land of plenty is blighted by need and poverty’s cruel grip

As we have confessed our sin we thank you that you forgive us

We pray for your help to set things right, and to seek justice in this land

Thank you for your grace.

Holy Spirit

We come to you this morning to give thanks for this land

Aotearoa New Zealand, and to pray for your presence and guiding

Fill us afresh with you Holy Spirit, your Wairua Tapu

Enable us to walk with humility and love, to seek your justice and peace

Help us to be good Stewards of your creation and bounty

Bring us together in this land, give us a generous and compassionate hand

Help us to share provision and blessing, with everyone

 We pray that your Kingdom may come and your will be done in our land

To the glory of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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