Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Mother's Day Prayer

It's mothers day here in New Zealand this Sunday and I've tried to write a prayer giving thanks for Mothers that acknowledges changing roles as children grow into adulthood. I've tried to do it with warmth and almost a bit whimsical.

 The prayer also tries to pick up and acknowledges the pain of mother's no longer with us. We just had my oldest daughter's graduation from university this last week (BE with fist class honours he said with great pride) and she was the first of the grandchildren to do so in our family. my wife's mother was with us, but it was this morning as i wrote this prayer that Kris (my wife) and I acknowledged that yes there was someone missing (Nana Carter). 

The prayer also acknowledges the pain of people for whom experience of their mothers may not be all love and light. To Acknowledge those who have not had children and those who are still wrestling with the trying and with hope.

Please feel free to use this pray and make it your own, if you find a line or part helpful and good then please use it. if not that's cool. if you have some thoughts on how it could be better please feel free to let me know...

Loving God we thank you for mothers

For loving us as only a mother can

Sharing laughter and smiles

Lavishing affection, affirmation and praise

Acts of service, like loads of loads of laundry and school lunches

Growing along with us to love in ways we do not outgrow

For carrying us and caring for us

Cuddling and cheering us on

consoling and cheering us up

Letting go, stepping back, so we learn how to grow

Calling and listening just when we needed it

For looking after us with all that that entails

Looking out for our best

Just Looking for, when we’ve lost it

And, that Look, when we’ve needed or deserved it

And Looking in to check, just to see how we’re going

For nourishing and nurturing us

Motivating, and yes even nagging us when needed

Navigating with us through the challenges of our ages

Noticing our pain and naming our hurt

Not giving up on us, no not at all

for having us, Holding us and helping us

Healing our scraped knees and deeper wounded soul

Heralding our progress and speaking hope when we fail

Heading us in new directions, even if it was sometimes simply ‘off to bed’

Having us care for them, as age seems to reverse roles

Loving God we thank you for mothers

Our biological mothers,

For mother’s mothers, grand ma’s and those who are  great

Our mothers of the faith

For carers and guardians

The women who have invested so much into our upbringing and life

Mentors, heroines and inspiration to greater heights

Father God,

Forgive us for the hurts we have inflicted on mothers

Knowingly and in ignorance and in good left undone

we acknowledge that mothers are not perfect

help us to forgive the mistakes that are made

In our broken and hurting land we know all is not well

we bring the pain of abuse and neglect to you

We place it all in your loving hands

Today we bring the sharp sorrow for some that she is no longer with us

We bring the struggle of what could have been and never was

And those wrestling with trying to conceive

We hold before you the hurt of it not going as planned  

Seeming to be powerless as, for children, it all gets out of hand

We pray for our Mothers

That you would bless them

Fill them with your spirit

Empower them to love more

Give them wisdom to guide and direct

Give them rest and time for themselves

Lord God we thank you for mothers

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