Thursday, May 18, 2017

Not A Silent God... A prayer of thanksgiving and confession.

For presbyterian's the burning bush is a great symbol of God speaking to his people.
it refelcts the fact that God listens, god responds, God calls and god saves his people
It is our churches symbol, this is the stainglass window at St Peter's Ellerslie Mt Wellington

In 1 Corinthians 12:1-3 Paul talks to the Corinthians about the difference between the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and dumb idols. The dumb idols can't and don't speak, but God can and does chose to speak, and he can and does chose to speak in and through his people. plug in gifts of the Holy Spirit which is what this chapter in scripture is known for.  The test for God's word is whether it glorifies Jesus or not... 

This prayer is a reflection on the fact that we have a God who speaks and giving thanks for that.   
A God who speaks through creation, through the story of his dealing with his people, in new testament and old, who spoke in Jesus Christ the word made flesh, who speaks by the Holy Spirit's presence in us and by the Holy Spirits enabling through us.  In return we speak to God, in praise in confession and in suplication. We speak and live to proclaim that jesus is Lord...

So feel free to pray this prayer, it's designed for public worship so feel free to use any or all of it, if you find it helpful and encouraging, or none of it if you don't. I'm always happy to learn and improve so if you've got some condtructive suggestions please leave a comment.

Loving God,

We thank you that you are not a silent God,

We are not left staring off into the void wondering.

Left without a clue as to how to make sense of it all

Rather you have revealed yourself to us.

Creator God

The truth is you spoke and it all came into being,

All of it made good and reflecting its makers glory

The night sky without words declares your greatness

We have no excuse- with clarity and understand from what you made*

* On sunday I changed this line which is a direct quote from Romans 1:20. It was prayed as

"with clarity and understanding what you made shows undeniable truth"

Holy God

We see how you have chosen and lead your people

You have given them the law, how to live and reflect your justice

You have spoken through your prophets, and good news speakers

Your timeless word timely given and preserved in the scriptures

Saviour God

In Jesus Your word become flesh

You spoke with a real voice, in human form

You spoke sacrificial love in the agony of the cross

And new life and hope as you rose from the Grave

Spirit of God, Holy and true

God’s word, Jesus Christ dwells in us, by your power

We hear God’s voice because we are filled with your presence

We now all we need of your truth and remember Christ’s words

By you we are strengthened, enabled to witness and to speak

God who is with us,

You speak to us through your people

The shared words from friend and family

Through apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher and pastor

Spirit inspired Loving gesture and truth revealed

God who speaks with us

We come this morning and bring you praise

We confess our sin and ask for you to forgive

We ask you to fill us a new with your spirit

That in how we live and what we say we may proclaim 'Jesus is Lord' 

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