Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Being Known and knowing God: A Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession based on Psalm 139

I'm trying to get back to the discipline of writing a prayer for public worship each week again. For the last while I've found myself being more spontaneous in my prayers, that's cool and great, but I'm aware that it is easy to fall into saying the same old thing over and over again. This week I am preaching on Psalm 139 as part a series of reflections on Prayer and prayer practises. So here is my humble written prayer based on a reflection on Psalm 139... and also on Leslie C Allens comment on the psalm that "God is not omni this and that" like we might see in a theological text book, but Psalm 139 brings it down to a real God who is really with and for the one praying the psalm... a very real existential reality. we are known, God is with us, he has shown that in sending Jesus Christ and it is real through the pouring out of the Holy Spirit... I may have got a bit flowery (as per usual) but it is simply put online if people find it helpful... so please feel free to use any line or phrase or the whole thing or none of it... 

Eternal almighty God,

It is beyond us to comprehend and to understand,

We are finite and small, rooted in time and space

You are infinite, without beginning and end,

Always being, knowing all and ever present  

We are limited by our language and craft to describe

You are the alpha and omega, wisdom and word itself

Life’s author, sustainer and ultimate fulfilment

It is with wonder that we come to worship you.

Gracious and righteous  God,

You are omniscience, omnipotence and Omnipresent

All knowing, all powerful and ever present

These words feel like we consigned You to theory and the ethereal,

But you are all loving, enfolding us in your everlasting arms

You know us intimately, thoroughly and totally, nothing is hidden

You are with us, on the great heights and the dark depths

From before birth to last breath, you see and know and care

We are amazed that you would think of us with such love.

God who became one of us

This is the most wonderous thing of all, totally mindblowing

That You humbled yourself and in Jesus stepped into our world

You became one of us and dwelt in our midst

Experienced our joy and sorrow our highs and lows

Proclaimed good news, bought healing and forgiveness

Welcomed back all who wandered to know God’s love

Then gave your life for our lives, so we could be set free

Thank you God for your son Jesus Christ.

Crucified and risen saviour,

We praise God you were raised to life again,

Because in that death and resurrection we have new life,

Life to be lived in knowing the one who knows us so well

Life where all we had done wrong has been put right with you

Life where by the Holy Spirit’s presence we are being put right

being made whole, called to witnesses to your compassion in Christ

Life that because it comes from you is eternally lived with you

We humbly acknowledge all you have done for us

Real and honest God,

We know that you see us, we know you know us

We cannot hide from you, so we open ourselves up to you

Search us and reveal our ways and thoughts to us

Where we have sinned and done wrong ,O Lord we ask you to  forgive

Where we have left your good undone, we ask you would forgive

We thank you that because you are faithful and just that we are forgiven

Change us O God, turn us from our ways to seek and follow yours

Help us to live out the good news of your just and righteous love,  

Holy Spirit, promised comforter and guide,

We acknowledge through Christ you are present in our lives,

We pray you will fill us up with your presence

Lead and guide us, as we fall in step with you

Draw us closer and closer to Jesus each day  

Enable and empower us to share Jesus Christ

To call people to know him as they are known by God

To hear all his has spoken and put it into practise

That in small way we may bring glory to God, Father Son and Holy Spirit


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