Monday, March 12, 2018

Change our tune to resound with God's heart ( A prayer of thanksgiving and confession based on psalm 33:1-110

This is a prayer of thanksgiving and confession written as a reflection on Psalm 33:1-11, which was the psalm section in my devotions this morning. As always I'm using it public worship and am happy for people to use any part, line phrase or all of my attempts at writing prayers that you find useful. 

Mighty and Eternal God

We lift up our hearts in praise this morning

Our voices together to tell of your righteous love

We sing of all the wonders you have done

We shout for joy because your word is right and true

we use our word craft, musicality, and exuberance

to celebrate that the world is full of your unfailing love

Creator God

You spoke and the heavens were made

You breathed star and galaxy into being

The depth of the oceans seems so distant and alien

Yet you formed them and know them

They seem unknown and wild and hostile to us

Yet for you they are like water in a jar, kept in your storehouse

Sovereign God

We stand in awe at all that you have made and created

In reverence we acknowledge its grandeur

Beyond our ability to comprehend, You spoke and it came into being

Not fleeting and temporary like with the things of man

But established and constant, and standing firm

Obeying your word and command, according to your design and plan

Loving God,

Our ideologies and idea, politics and nations blossom then fade

Our plans and our self-seeking purposes you thwart

But your plans for us are forever sure

Your heart desires worked out lovingly generation after generation

Your salvation plan in Christ Jesus his life death and resurrection

Reconciliation with you for all who would trust in him

Holy God

We confess that we have gone astray

Forgive us for the things that we have done wrong

Forgive us for the good we have left undone

Thank you for your great love in Jesus Christ

That because you are faithful and just , we are forgiven

The slate is wiped clean, the stain has been removed

Gracious Father

Fill us a fresh with your Holy Spirit

Help us sing a new song to change our tune

May our lives resound in resonance with you

Our heart beat for what is on your heart

Lead us, teach us direct and conduct us

To witness to the hope we have in you for your glory

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