Monday, March 5, 2018

Prayer of thanksgiving and confession based on a reflection on 'Counting Every Blessing' by Rend Collective

Our worship team have been teaching 'counting every blessing' by rend collective to the congregation and on Sunday I introduced the song with a short video clip of two of the band members talking about the meaning behind the song and its significance for them. 
This Prayer is my reflection on that. 
It's autumn in New Zealand and the oyster catchers are gathering getting ready for the long flight north. aware that every season God is able to bless them as they take off on their amazing adventure. 

Loving God,

We come before you today, from so many different seasons in our lives

From moments of light, vitality and joy like a great summers day

And from places that feel like the cold dark bite of winter

From the vibrancy, growth and newness of spring,

and the slowing down of autumn

from those places we acknowledge your greatness and your goodness

In all those seasons we see that you have been good to us

We look beyond what we can see and feel and acknowledge your truth

You are our loving father in heaven

You have send you son into the world to seek and save

Jesus proclaimed good news abundant life following him

He made the way for us to have our sins forgiven

For us to be reconciled with you

To be recreated new and free, to love and serve

Restoration of sight, and spiritual insight

Knowing we are treasured and loved 

Your abiding presence in the depth and the heights

Merciful God,

We thank you that you dwell with us by your Holy Spirit

You have come alongside to lead and to guide

You speak into our lives, and enable us to witness to our hope

You empower us to show your great love and care

You’ve bought us together as family

Brothers and sister from all over, as one

Called to love and serve one another

To witness, proclaim and live your kingdom here on earth

United with you  in this time and place and our eternal home

Good and gracious God,

It is going to take eternity to thank you for your good news

We stop, and we acknowledge our need for your forgiveness

We’ve done things that are wrong, hurtful and unloving

We’ve left so much undone, that you call us to do, that reflects your love

Forgive us we pray, we have sinned, but we turn again to you

Thank you that because you are faithful and just, we are forgiven

Draw near again to us and fill us afresh with the Holy Spirit

That as we know Christ more, we may show Christ like love more

To the glory of you name, father son and holy spirit


here is a link to the "video clip for the meaning of 'counting every blessing'

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