Saturday, July 14, 2018

God's grace in history now and as a hope for tomorrow: A Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession

A reminder of God's promise from my kitchen window 
Loving God,

We come before you this morning to acknowledge your great love,

Shown to us in Jesus Christ, the word made flesh,

his life, death and resurrection, Your gracious forgiveness and new life  

Experienced by us through the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit

Providing hope in the darkness, as we await Christ’s return

Eternal God,

From before beginning, you were, and are

You spoke and all was created, made and fashioned

You made us in your image for relationship with you

But we turned away and went our own way

You have worked in history, to draw us back to you

Gracious God,

You chose a people for yourself, giving your law

You Spoke through the prophets

Then In Christ you stepped into this world

In Christ we beheld your grace and truth

Christ died win us back, and was raised to give us life

Faithful God,

AS you promised you poured out your Holy Spirit on your people

You dwell with us still, through all of life’s seasons

By The spirit’s presence we are lead into all truth

Christ words are bought to mind and they speak too and through us

You lead and guide us and enable and empower us to show Christ’s love

Righteous God

You are faithful and just, and forgive us our sins,

We confess we have done wrong, and are sorry

We admit we have left your good undone

That our lives fall short of your love and justice

We thank you that you forgive and that we are forgive

Alpha and omega beginning and end

 We place our lives in your hands

We trust you to lead and guide us

Please fill us afresh with your hold Spirit

That we may witness to our hop-e in Jesus Christ to your glory

With a sure and certain hope in the resurrection

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