Friday, January 7, 2011

A Prayer Focusing On A God who Hears And Acts

Lord Our God

Maker of heaven and earth

We bring our prayers to you

Confident in your love

We thank you that you care for us

When we cry to you

The sound of our voice does not just echo off the ceiling

Rather you hear our prayers and you answer

We thank you that you show us your love

You are not an inactive God

Your arms tied by some predetermined fate of ours

Rather you work in history and our lives for good

Even before we cried to you

You saw us in our desperate need

You sent your son Jesus to be one of us

To show us your love and bring us back to you

When Jesus returned to the father

You did not leave us orphaned and alone

You poured out your spirit on all who believe

We know your love and your presence fills our lives

We praise you O God

You know us and love us

We know you and love you

You call us to follow you and share your blessings with the world you love

Lord God we confess our sin to you

We have not shared your love with the world around us

We have sort our own comfort not the care of the poor

We have held grudges and withheld mercy

Forgive us Lord

We know your great love

Yet there are times when we have walked away

We have chosen our own ways and not yours

Forgive us Lord

Praise you O lord

As we have confessed our sin you have been faithful and just

You have forgiven our sins and cleansed us from all unrighteousness

You call us to sin no more and follow you

Fill us a fresh with your spirit

Enable and empower us to live for you

Sharing your love and truth with the world

To the glory of God father Son and Holy Spirit


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