Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Prayer Joining The Dawn Chorus from These Island's of Birds

New Zealand is known as an Island of Bird's before the humans came to these isolated south Sea islands it was the home of Bird's from Giant flightless birds (known as Moa), extinct giant Hawks (think Sindbad's giant Roc)  through to forest and mountain parrots, nocturnal forest floor dwelling kiwi, to amazing colourful and song filled... well song birds. That has been added to and sadly detracted from by the various migrations of people, Maori and then late arrivals with there European birds and land animals. Now sadly you don't hear Moas on sunny weekend afternoons only Mowers. However this a prayer that reflects praise to God from this Island of Birds.  
On the dense bush clad hills

Across Rich pasture land, vineyard and orchard

In the Hedge rows and specimen trees of suburbia

And the single concrete encased trees of city centres

At even the faintest hint of light they raise their voices

Our land of birds sings its dawn chorus praise to you O God

And we join our voices to theirs to give you praise

We join them to praise you for the wonder of your creation

The night sky, galaxy and star, that point us to eternity

The beauty of land and sea, flora and fauna

The wonder of our own unique individuality

That we are fearfully and wonderfully made

Praise you O God.

We join them to acknowledge your provision

That every good gift comes from your hand

You make the crops to grow and the earth to bear fruit

While birds don’t need to go earn a crust we do

And you have blessed us with skill and talent to use for work

Our heavenly father provides our needs

We join them to thank you for the light

We were lost and alone in our dark night

We were far away; you shone your light into our world

You sent your son Jesus to be our way, our light

You have given us your word to be a light for our path

You send your spirit to reveal your truth

Lord God we give you praise and thanks from our Island of Birds

Lord God we also turn over the darkness within to you this morning

We have sinned and fallen short of your glory

We seek your forgiveness and restoration

In your death on the cross and your being raised to life we have hope

We know that we can be made as clean and as new as the dawn

WE confess our sins

We take it for granted and thinks it’s our due Forgive us Lord

We receive your grace but have not extend it to others Forgive us

We have seen needs but horde what we have for our own comfort

We do what we should not and leave undone the good you call us to do

We repent and we ask you to forgive us and help us to change our ways

This is our hope; that Jesus died for our sins

In Christ we are set free and made new

This is the good news for us today and always

That as we confess our sins God is faithful and just and forgives us our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness

God who knows even when a sparrow falls to the ground

God who knows us and loves us

Fill us afresh with your spirit we pray

That we may know you more and serve your people

That we may be enabled to love and empowered to tell of your grace

To the glory of God Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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