Sunday, January 16, 2011

a prayer in praise of God for the big things and the small.

A prayer of thanksgiving and confession for public worship. Focusing on God who acts on a cosmic level and also a very personal level. a transcendent God and an imminent God. The God who made it all and the God who is closer than a brother...hopefully not in a "your own personal Jesus" kind of way.

Gracious and merciful God

We come together this morning to praise you

You are just in all you do

And full of kindness

You are the solid rock we build our lives on

You hold us as steady as a post

You are the God of the big things

When we try and contemplate them it blows our minds

You spoke and it came into being

The vastness of space,The ocean that stretches over the horizon

The beauty of hill, forest and river valley that is our land

You are the God whose plans are being worked out in history

We wonder at what is happening in our world

Yet behind the ebb and flow of nations

and sometimes the seeming chaos

You are working to bring all things together in Christ

You loved the world so much that you sent your son

That all who believe in him will not perish

But have abundant life for ever

You are the God of the little things

The wonder of the smallest flower and leaf detail

You made us all unique and different

You know all about us

You care about all that happens in our lives

Our individual joys and sorrows

The cares and concerns hidden in our hearts

You chose to dwell with us by your spirit

You work your plans out in us

You lead us and guide us

Thank you God

For your great love

Lord God we acknowledge our wrongdoing

And ask for your forgiveness

We do not always acknowledge you in all we do

We do not thank you for what you have done

We try living our own way instead of following your word

We do not love others as you love us

We are often silent when faced with evil and injustice

Our compassion is often smothered in our own comfort and cares

Father forgive us

What great Love, what mercy we have received in Christ

As we have confessed our sins you have been faithful and just and forgiven us our sins and cleansed us from all unrighteousness.

Thank you

Help us to live for you

Fill us with your spirit that we may know you more

That we may be lead into all truth

Equipped and enabled to love your people and world

To share you love in word, deed and in service

All glory to you living caring God

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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