Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Pentecost Prayer

A prayer of thanksgiving and confession at Pentecost

Father God,

There is so much that we want to thank you for

You are a wonderful God

Great and mighty

Unchanging, unflappable

Quick to bless and slow to anger

Full of mercy and grace

Just in all your ways

Eternal and almighty

Yet so close and the lover of our souls 

We thank you for the every day things

That make life so rich and full

Sea and hill, day and night

Fine weather and storm

For home and all you provide

For the joy of children and grand children

The love of parents and grand parents

The caring contact of friends when we feel so alone

For solitude and times of peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle

For your abiding presence in the ebbs and flows of our lives

We thank you in particular for the Holy Spirit

Jesus came and showed us what you are like O Father

He is the one who baptises with the Holy Spirit

Died that we might have our sins forgiven

And rose that we might have new life

Then just as you promised you sent us your spirit

One like Jesus, so we would not be alone

A guide and councillor, a comforter and friend,

To show us the truth and our need for God

To give us the power we need to live for you

And to witness to Jesus in our world close at hand and in far off land

Thank you God’s Holy Spirit

That you fill us with your presence

That you open scripture to us

That you give us a peace and joy that the world cannot take away

That you grow Christ like fruit in our lives

That you give us gifts to serve one another and proclaim the gospel with power

Lord God it is because you shine your light in our lives that we know we have sinned and are in need of your forgiveness

You spirit shows them to us and calls us to repent

So we would pray that you forgive us for what we have done wrong

For not always putting your kingdom first in our lives

Seeking our own ways rather than yours 

For not loving others as you have loved us

For leaving undone the good you call us to do

Forgive us O Lord

Thank you for the wonderful truth that as we have confessed our sins

You are faithful and just and forgive us our sins

We are free and you call us to go and sin mo more

Fill us a fresh with your spirit

Blow O wind of God through our lives

Touch us afresh with tongues as of fire

That we may know the risen  Jesus and make him known

That we may be witnesses in power to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour

Revive us your church, to be your spirited people

To the glory of God

Father, Son and Holy Spirit


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