Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Plank in your own eyes

As putting together a talk on Jesus teaching in Luke 6 and couldn't resist putting together the above image. Planking is a new Internet craze down under in Australia and New Zealand. People 'plank' lie down on their stomach's rigidly in the weirdest places and get friends to take photos. couldn't help thinking of it as I read the scriptures. Plank has also recently received a new slang meaning in the Oxford dictionary. "plank' means idiot or fool. Possibly a good way of looking at this new craze and people who do what Jesus said we should not do.

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  1. Hi, I've just seen that the image in this post has become a discussion point on reditt.com. and that much of the comment is about crappy design and cringe factor... please note that I am not a computer design kind of person and that it the original image was actual cobbled together as a joke... as I describe in the post an internet craze called 'planking' was all the rage at the time and as I was focusing o the bible passage at the time it is an expression of my quirky sense of humour... I was in no way trying to be cool or hip... or up with the play...