Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Luke 6:20-49... plain talking from Jesus: Showing exceptional love in light of God's gracious offer of blessing... a sermon series index.

As part of a wider exploration of Luke's Gospel I have recently preached a series of messages on Luke's sermon on the plain.. (luke 6:12-49).here is an index of those messages. Hopefully you find them insightful, helpful, encouraging and challanging... And as always if there is anything that you want to use feel free.

Luke 6:20-26   Blessed by Grace:Blessngs and Woes In Luke's gospel

Luke 6:27-36 Exceptional love... no exceptions: Jesus ays Love your enemies 

Luke 6:37-45 Eyes Wide Open: judge not... again exceptional love no exceptions

Luke 6:39-46 Sight Impediment, Horticultural identification and who to follow

Luke 6:46-49 Jesus:The soild foundation for showing exceptional Love .   

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