Tuesday, October 13, 2015

' we know what love is because you first loved us' a prayer of thanksgiving and confession

A Prayer of thanksgiving and confession based on a reflection on 1 John 4:10-12... I am aamzed at the Love of God shown in creation, providence, in the sending of his Son Jesus Christ and God's abiding presence with us by the Holy Spirit... what great insentive for us to love one another to be a peole of kindness and compasion... to show exceptional love to all.

As per usual please feel free to use this humble offering or any part of it if you find it helpful.

Loving Father,

We come together this morning to worship you,

To acknowledge your greatness

And to proclaim your goodness  

To praise you for the awesome and holy God you are

And to give thanks for all you have done

We know what love is because you first loved us

God, who created all there is

You made us as unique individuals cast in your image

Blessed and sustained by your providence

You created us to know you and enjoy you always

With a capacity to give and receive love

Capable of showing great kindness and care

We are fearfully and wondrously made

Gracious God

When we turned away from us, you did not turn away from us

You sent your son Jesus to dwell amongst us

In his life and teaching he showed us your grace and mercy

He gave his life on the cross so we could be forgiven  

In his resurrection we find new, abundant and eternal life

In Jesus Christ, we have been reconciled with you as our Heavenly Father

Faithfull God

We thank you for the wonder of your abiding presence

That you have kept your promise and sent your Holy Spirit to dwell in us

That by your spirit you lead and guide us into all truth

That you enable us to witness to Jesus Christ in word and deed

That you empower us to show God’s love to one another

That you draw us together as your body on earth

Caring God

We thank you for the love we know from each other

The embrace and support of family and friends

Romantic love leading to lifelong commitment

Companionship and rejoicing in the good times

Care, kindness and compassion shown in the hard times

Your touch and grace in a hand reaching out to help

Righteous and just God

This morning we confess that we have fallen short

We have done things that you have called us not to

We have left undone the good you command us to do

That we have not loved others as you have loved us

We humble ask that you would forgive us Lord

We do this trusting that because of Jesus you forgive and restore

Loving God

Fill us a fresh with your spirits presence and power

Help us to love one another as you have loved us

That people would see your love in our kindness and compassion

That in your power we may overcome evil with good

That we may share the truth of your grace and mercy

That we may live to the glory of God, Father, Son and Spirit

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