Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Luke chapter 3- Luke chapter 6:20 Following His Footsteps: The Ministry Of Jesus In THe Gospel Of Luke... an index to a Sermon Series on the Early Ministry of Jesus

This is simply an Index for a sermon series.  I preached on Luke chapters 3-6:19 "Following his Footsteps: the Ministry of Jesus In Luke's Gospel" is the first series of messages in a wider exploration of Luke's Gospel. It focuses on Jesus ministry from his baptism through to his choosing the twelve and starting his teaching on being a disciple in the sermon on the plain. It is series which I hope will encourage us as a church and those who read or hear them to be followers of Jesus, to know his revolution of grace and be willing to share that with the world around them.

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Luke 1:1-4, 3:1-18  Preparing to Follow Jesus an Introduction

Luke 3:21-22, 4:1-14 Baptised and tempted: following Jesus through times of trial and temptation

Luke  4;14-30  Jesus Revolution of Grace... a hostile homecoming

Luke 4:31-44 Jesus Heals and Liberates: THe First Two Miracles of Jesus In Luke's Gsopel

Luke 5:1-11  Out Into The Deep: Getting Caught UP In Jesus< Leaving it all and Gone Fishing

Luke 5:12-16 Jesus Is Willing Are We? A Healing  Restoring Touch From Jesus

Luke 5: 17-26 There Is A Hole In The Roof Jesus Called Faith

 Luke 5:27-31 The Call Of Levi... A Reflection

Luke 5: 31-39  Patching Clothes, Storing the New VIntage and Jesus Revolution of Grace

Luke  6:1-11  Be It Amidst The Rigid Religious Rules or Relentless Recent Rush, The Son Of Man  
                      Is Lord Of The Sabbath

Luke 6: 12-20  Chosen To Be Sent: He Looked to His Disciples and said

The series that Follows on from this looks at Jesus Sermon on the Plain... and is called Plain Talking From Jesus: Showing exceptional Love in Light Of God's Gracious Blessing... and can be acessed through this index post.


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