Saturday, April 29, 2017

What the Lord has done for me ( A prayer of thanksgiving and confession)

This Prayer is called 'what the Lord has done for me' and simply looks at the work of God in creation, providence, the life death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in terms of its impact on the individual... IS it a selfish prayer? Is it a self centered prayer? is it a reflection of the western Ideal of Individual as the center of it all? I'll leave you to decide... Sometimes I just want to think of the grandeur of what God has done and realize that it isn't just way out there over all and all around, rather that it actually impacts on who I am, who each one of us is as an individual... God made us who we are... Praise God, God has lead and guided us in life and history, praise God... God has sent Jesus Christ to live, die and rise again for us... God has sent his holy spirit to dwell and empower and enable each one of us...Praise God. We are forgiven.. praise God... he pours his holy spirit out on us when we ask him... Praise God.

Lord God, maker of heaven and earth,

Creator of all that there is

we come this morning to thank you for who you have made us.

Each of us unique in our individuality

Gifted with skills and talents,

Given creativity that reflects your own

Intelligence to ponder and wonder

The ability to love and care which mirrors your love

Lord God, who moves in History

Who works out your plans and purposes

We thank you for your presence and providence in our lives

You’ve been with us in the experiences that have moulded and shaped

Held us in the hurt and pain

Healed us and made us whole again

Worked for our good not for harm

Our times are in your hands

Lord God, servant and saviour

Who in your son became one of us

We praise you this morning for Jesus Christ

Who shared our humanity, its joys but also its sorrows and pain

Who proclaimed good news, new sight, joyous freedom and love

Who healed the sick and welcomed back the captives

Who died on the cross to pay for our wrongdoing

Who rose again defeating death and sin and giving us new life

Lord God, Holy Spirit our comforter

Who fills his people with his power and presence

We thank you this morning for your abiding presence with us

Christ with us to the end of the age, and in all our ages

For open the scriptures and leading us into all truth

For the courage to witness to your son Jesus Christ

For gifts to serve and to build up your body

To walk in life with us bring forth the fruit of your love

Lord God, who hears our prayers

Who knows our thoughts and sees our inner most being

Forgive us for the things we had done wrong

Forgive us for the good we have left undone

Wipe the slate clean and give us a fresh start

Fill us anew with your spirit

Enable us to proclaim and live out Christ’s love

Empower us to live to your glory, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

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