Monday, April 17, 2017

On the Cross Road: Jesus Journey to Jerusalem (Luke chapters 10-19) and what it has to say to us as his followers (An Index)

For most of the past year I have been working through a sermon series on the narrative of Jesus final journey to Jerusalem in Luke's Gospel. It is a journey which takes up the central third of the gospel in the telling (ch10-19) and one that focuses on Jesus teaching on what it means to be his follower. It is a series that has taken up the most part of a year (30 weeks) with time off for good behaviour! actually for a few other series. Our season of creation and prayer, advent and a well deserved summer holiday for me.

This is simply an index, so folk (If they so wish) can go back and find those sermons on my blog.

Luke 10:1-24- A Missional Road
Luke 10:24-37 compassion on the way to eternal life
Luke 10: 38-42 listening our way forward on the cross road
Luke 11:1-13 the prayerful pathway
Luke 11:14-32 coping with conflict on the cross road
Luke 11:33-53 woeful potholes and pitfalls on the cross road
Luke 12: 1-12 courage and trust on the cross road
Luke 12: 13-34 facing down worry on the cross road
Luke 12:35-48 be ready, live ready keep on keeping on the cross road
Luke 13: 49-59 fire and accounting for the weather on the cross road
Luke 13:1-9 Fig-uring out repentance of the cross road
Luke 13:10-21 Mustard Seeds, the kingdom of God and set free on... Sunday
Luke 13:22-25 small numbers and insurmountable odds
Luke 14:1-14 seating arrangements and the kingdom of God
Luke 14:15-24 God's big hearted banquet
Luke 14:25-35 the cost of discipleship
Luke 15:1-10 The lost sheep and the lost coin
Luke 15: 11- 34 The Lost Son
Luke 16:1-13 managing grace
Luke 16:14-31 generosity and Grace at the gate
Luke 17:1-1o Increase our faith, give us a mustard seed faith
Luke 17:17-19 Your faith has made you well
Luke 17:21-37 a ready steady faith in light of future hope
Luke 18:1-8 Just prayer results in perseverance of faith
Luke 18: 9-17 Who are you trying to kid and kids around Jesus
Luke 18:18-34 mission impossible: the eye of the needle and the cross
Luke 18:35-43 19:1-9 to seek and save the lost: The blind beggar and the short tax collector
Luke 19: 9-27 investing in the Kingdom of God
Luke 19:28-48 The king on a borrowed donkey

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