Thursday, June 7, 2018

Prayer of Thanksgiving and confession based on Psalm 71:1-8

I was writing a prayer of thanksgiving and confession for public worship  on Sunday and as part of my spiritual discipline I used as inspiration the portion of the Psalms from my daily devotions... Psalm 71:1-8. 

The image that goes with this post is of a gannet flying above the stormy sea at Muriwai on New Zealand's wild west coast. There are two places in the world where Gannets nest on the mainland, both of them in New Zealand, one at Cape Kidnappers in the Hawkes Bay and the other thankfully at Muriwai just a short trip from Auckland City. The Gannets come and nest on the rocky cliffs above the raging waves of the Tasman Sea. They like the psalmist have found a rock and a refuge on which to live. A sure place from birth right through life as they come back to roost and raise another generation of young.  

AS usual, I've been a bit flowery with my language... it is a fault... feel free to use this prayer, or any part of it, if you find it helpful... or none if you don't.   

Mighty God,

Amidst the raging storms of life

Where wind swept waves crash one after another

And rain fuelled torrents threaten to sweep away

we have found a safe place and a solid foundation

A refuge, a solid rock and a strong fortress

In you we have hope in you we have confidence

Loving God,

When our voices could not be heard above the winds howl

And our words seemed lost in the depth of dark night

It was you who heard that cry for help

It was you by your righteousness who reached down and drew near

It was you who sent your son into this world, to seek and save

To die for all we had done wrong, to forgive and restore

It was you who spoke that truth and new life into us

Faithful God,

It is you who formed us in our mother womb

It is you who we can depend on from life’s first cry to final breath

Who is our guide and friend in childhood years

Who gives us assurance in the uncertainty of youth

Who walks with us through the demands of adult life

And strengthens us in aging years


Our God,

Our life stories are a sign of your great love

They point people to your saving grace in Jesus Christ

They tell of a shelter and home  amidst the wild winds

They proclaim your abiding presence in life’s ebbs and flows

The strength to stand that comes from your spirit’s presence

Our mouths are full of your praise and we speak of your splendour

God who is with us now,

Help us in our times of trouble and strife

Forgive us for the wrong we have done and the good we have left undone

Be again our solid ground today, enable us to stand  

Fill us afresh with your Holy Spirit presence

That we may indeed be a signpost to you in word and deed

 Living out your grace and justice to your glory, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

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